Video Examinations – Initial Advice to Claimants

You have been sent a link to this page by the doctor who has been instructed to examine you for a medico-legal report for your accident claim. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, and following the Government’s current advice, assessments for low value injury claims are authorised to be held over remote video conferencing if you and the doctor agree. In order to safe guard yourself, medical staff and the general public, you do not therefore currently need to attend the doctor’s clinic.

Prior to the consultation there is some mandatory advice that you need to read and agree first:

  • Before taking part in the remote examination you must discuss the implications of this with your legal representative. You will be asked by the doctor to confirm that you have taken such advice and that your legal representative is happy for you to proceed.
  • You are under no obligation to attend a remote video examination and if you wish can defer to attend a face to face medical appointment once the current travel restrictions have been lifted.
  • When the remote examination takes place you must be in a suitable private location for the duration of the video examination. It is important that your confidentially is maintained at all times.
  • If other people are in the same room at the time of the remote video examination, their details must be provided to the doctor and you must agree to them being present.
  • Remote examinations maybe recorded and held under normal data protection legislation rules (GDPR).
  • Any recording will not be released to any party without your express written permission or if so ordered by a Court of Law.
  • Any recording is to be retained until 30 days after the settlement of your claim. Please ensure that you let the doctor know when the case has settled.
  • In some instances the doctor may not be able to complete the report during the remote examination and may recommend that they provide a face to face appointment with a physical examination at a later date, once travel restrictions have been lifted.
  • Please ensure that you have some photo ID with you for the remote video examination as the doctor will need to see a close up of this. Ideally send a copy of your ID to the doctor in advance of the appointment.

As part of the new rules, the doctor must be able to prove that they have obtained consent from you to go ahead. Therefore it is important that you respond to any text message from them agreeing to the consultation. We appreciate that you may have also had to do this for your own Solicitor or the Medical Agency, however the doctor must also obtain this for their own records.

Before and during the actual remote examination:

  • The doctor will send you a unique link shortly before the remote examination. They may call you at this point to ensure you are ready.
  • If the doctor does not call you on time, it is likely that one of the examinations before you has taken longer than expected. Please wait for them to call.
  • If you are using an iPhone, please ensure that you use Safari.
  • For Android Phones please use Chrome.
  • If you do not have a suitable smartphone available, the link may instead work with a computer with a working webcam.
  • During the remote examination you must use a smart mobile telephone with a good Wifi or 4G connection. If the signal is not strong enough, the doctor will need to rebook you for a time when your signal is working fully.
  • There is no requirement to download any software in advance and it is the system is very straightforward.


For further advice regarding coronavirus,  please visit:

Ikoy has provided this page for doctors to send out in text messages and emails to Claimants to reach as many people as possible. Should you need to discuss your appointment please contact the doctor’s office directly or the medical agency and not Ikoy. This page will be updated as the situation changes.

Last Updated: 9th July 2020 at 16:03