Medical Expert Coronavirus Toolkit

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Ikoy have been offering advice to both medico-legal experts and MROs about how to best deal with the administration of their workloads. We have also hosted some pages, along with text friendly short URLs to make the process easier. There are no charges for anyone to use these pages or the short URLs and for these reasons we have tried to make them as generic as possible.

General advice to Claimant’s based on the current situation can be found at the following link: 

with shortlinks:


On 23rd March 2020 and as the situation has escalated, MedCo have put Temporary Measures in place to allow Remote Video Examinations during this time, subject to conditions being met. To read MedCo’s Guidance please click here.

Ikoy’s Kristian Blackburn has been involved in a project with Nephos Solutions to implement an integrated solution to facilitate remote video examinations for those medical experts using Nephex. Details of this can be found here.

Prior to the Claimant attending a remote video examination, they need to ensure that they discuss this with their legal representative along with other considerations.

We have created the following page to send out to Claimant’s in advance of the appointment:

with shortlink:


At the start of the Remote Video Examination, the expert must ensure that they follow MedCo’s guidelines and the Claimant provides full consent. We have ensure that a fully compliant script is followed and this is now available within Nephex Medical:

with shortlink:


As we are being eased out of lockdown and experts are beginning to book clinics, we have produced the following advice to send out to any Claimants in advance of a face to face appointment:

with shortlink:


If any Expert or MRO would like to know more or please do not hesitate to contact us.