Compliance Notice for Remote Video Examinations

It is important that the Expert reads out the following to all Claimants at the start of the recording and that this is captured due to MedCo guidance.

  • Please confirm that you are aware that this remote video examination is being recorded and that the recording is being held under normal data protection legislation rules (GDPR). The recording will not be released to any party without your express written permission, but would be done so, if ordered by a Court of Law.
  • The recording is to be retained until 30 days after the settlement of your claim. Please ensure that you let the us know when the case has settled.
  • Please could you confirm that you have agreed to attend this medical via remote video conferencing and that you have not been coerced or unduly pressured to attend this, rather than a face to face examination by me the doctor, any of my admin staff, the medical agency, your legal representative or any party dealing with your claim.
  • Please confirm that you have sought the advice of your legal representative regarding this remote video examination and that they are happy for you to proceed.
  • Please confirm that you are in a suitable private location now and will be for the duration of the remote video examination.
  • Are you alone in the room and, if you are not, will you please provide the name of anyone who is in the room and agree to them being present during the remote video examination.
  • On some occasions I may not be able to complete the medical report without recommending that we meet face to face and a physical examination is carried out. Are you OK to proceed on this basis?
  • Please could you hold your photo ID close to the camera so that I may confirm your identity.

See MedCo Remote Examination Conditions

Last Updated: 26 March 2020 at 07:40